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Game Stats: Influence

Pastor Karl focuses in on the stat of influence in our lives. Andrew, on of Jesus disciples, is remembered as a "Bringer." Who can you bring to Jesus?


Special Guest, Pastor David Homrich, teaches that we can have a blowout victory in all things!

You're Invited

Pastor Karl Shares about relationship with Jesus that brings restoration into our lives and gives us the right to be children of God. 

Gospel of the Kingdom

Jake Singer teaches about God's plan do make our world completely good through and through and how you can be a part of it. 

Special Guest Ethan Grabill brings a word abou trusting in God for his peace, promises, and provision. 

Pastor Karl shares wisdom about how to know when you're hearing God or not. 

Listen Week 2: Hear

Pastor Karl teaches us about hearing God's voice.

Listen Week 1: Trust

Jake Singer encourages us to follow the example of Daniel in trusting God, so that we can live unshaken and have intimacy with God. 

This Gospel

The Gospel is truth that transforms lives. It can be shared by anybody, and accepted by anybody. Not only do we have the opportunity to share the gospel locally with our friends, f...

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